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Subject What is the difference between AGF39 and Exosome?
Date 2023-06-28
Q. What is the difference between AGF39 and Exosome?

AGF39 and Exosome (we regard it as an extracted material from stem cell conditioned media) are all made of 100% the same material of human body structure.

AGF39 : Gene recombination technology.
Manufactured by Vector Construction-Transformation to E. Coli-Fermentation and Microfiltration-Lyophilization-Vacuum caping process like some Covid19 vaccine production.
With this technology, we can make mass production of each cytokine of hair growth selectively.
So, we can calculate and identify the quantity and types of cytokines.
That means we can __select the 7 cytokines for hair growth only and pick out the proteins of inducing hair loss.
One more merit is that AGF39 can apply to all patients of all religions and nations because the materials are not derived from the human body.

Exosomes : Stem cell culture technology.
Manufactured by Collection of origin tissues from__ the human body- Harvesting stem cell-Cell culture-Purifying conditioned media extracts and Lyophilization-Vacuum caping process.
There must be abundant protein nutrients including cytokines.
Cytokines in exosomes are more than hundreds and thousands but cannot identify and calculate and are known as very small amounts than that of recombinant production.
There contains hair-growing cytokines as well as hair-losing cytokines.
But abundant protein nutrients in exosomes contribute to creating a good environment for hair regrowth.

AGF39 and Exosomes are double options for doctors treating alopecia.
Good combination therapy will produce better results.