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• Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons

2nd Annual Scientific Meeting
2012. 5. 11~13
[Advantages in Utilizing growth factors in hair transplantation]

This is an example of treatment using AGF39
to increase the rate of engraftment and patient satisfaction before and after hair transplantation.

• Journal of Dermatology 2012

Journal of Dermatology 2012: 39: 1-2

Letter to editor Letter to editor2

11 Korean Women (41±2 years) into Ludwig I grade, Random, double-blind test.
It is very unusual for SCI to publish a clinical trial of cosmetic products.

Growth factor solution (SGF57 -> AGF39 at present) was topically applied on the treated half of the scalp and followed by microneedle therapy.
The other half of the scalp (control) was treated with normal saline followed by microneedle therapy.


  • 1 The differences in hair shaft density were significant at the 2nd, 4th and 5th weeks.
  • 2 An increase of more than 10% compared with baseline was observed on the treated side.
  • 3 The mean changes were significantly different between the treated side and control side at the weeks 2-5.
  • Results

    ※ Clinical photos of patient 1

    The changes in hair shaft count
    The rate of change on the treated side was significantly different from that on the control side.

    • At 7th World Congress for Hair research 2013, Edinburgh



    Phototrichogram showed 9.85% increase in hair density and 9.11% increase in hair thickness. In hair density 30.1% showed 5-10% increase, and 25% of the patients showed more than 15% increase. In hair thickness, 35.3% presented 0-5% increase, and 21.5% patients presented more than 15% increase.
    MPHL cases were effective than FPHL. Adverse effect was not observed except for a mild tingling sensation.

    • At 8th World Congress for Hair research 2014, Jeju, Korea

    This is a clinical result that proves that there is a difference in the effect proportional to the increase of the drug absorption rate according to the depth of the needle.


    • Effects of AesMed's cytokine therapy

    Currently, we have more than 15,000 cases per month in 500 clinic centers including 7 domestic university hospitals, hair transplant clinics, and hair loss care dermatology.

    ※ Clinical photograph