Program & Application


Clinic Treatment


Scalp massage(relaxing oil) + Hair brushing + Steamer + Scaling
+ TricoClin™ Shampoo(Advance/Sebum/Anti-dandruff)
+ Hair mask / Hair pack + TricoClin™ Shampoo
Conceptual diagram

Main Care

  • HR Cytokine AGF39™ mesotherapy procedure
  • Mesogun / Manual injection (IDS: Intradermal superficial)
  •   • 1cm distance, 1.2mm depth, 1~4week interval (2week average)
  • Auto MTS / MTS stamp (IED: Intra epidermic)
  •   • 0.5mm depth, 3~4week interval
  • Electroporation
  •   • 5~10min. action
  • Post Procedure

  • Apply TricoClin™ hair plant tonic
  • LED / PEMF(Pulsed Electromagnetic field)
  • Supper luminous Diode 5~20min. / PEMF 10~20min. radiation
  • Hair oil and style

    Post Procedure
    Post Procedure
    Post Procedure
    Post Procedure
    Post Procedure

    The use amount of the treatment interval can be adjusted in consideration of the patient's hair loss phase, scalp condition, and recovery speed.

    Recommended Home care with TricoClin™

  • Post Hair Plant Shampoo & Tonic (Post hair transplant and mesotherapy)
  • Revitalizing Follicle Tonic (Functional cosmetic to prevent hair loss)
  • Advance follicle shampoo (Healthy scalp condition to improve hair loss)
  • Sebum regulating shampoo (Healthy scalp condition to improve seborrhea)
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo (Healthy scalp condition to improve dry & dandruff)
  • SOLUNA™ PP cream (For wound healing, soothing, moisturizing)
  • How to use of AGF39™

  • AGF39 Standard (2 Forte vials + 8 Basic vials)
  • AGF39 Forte (20.5ppm) / AGF39 Basic (5.5ppm)
  • Store at room temperature
  • Mix 5~6㏄ normal saline before treatment
  • Store saline mixed vial at 4℃ refrigerators
  • Can be treated 2~4times with 1 vial
  • Start with Forte vial at initial 2~4th treatment then Basic vial to maintain hair growth (2week interval)
  • Use Forte vial for 3~4week interval treatment