Subject [Review] 2023.12.03 45th KALDAT Conference
Name Manager
Date 2023-12-28
AesMed participated in the 45th KALDAT Conference
(Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology, and Trichology)

KALDAT was founded in April 2004 and has become one of Korea's top beauty societies. Originally established as a hair loss professional association, KALDAT continues to prioritize the field of hair loss, and we take pride in our direct contribution to its establishment.
During this conference, AesMed showcased a "thinking sharing" booth centered around four key themes: CytoMesopecia, No needle SMP, 5 light scalp analyzer, and Pre-care for Mesotherapy.

Doctors who visited the booth cheered for our company's successful overseas sales performance, but in fact, the start of AesMed's overseas sales was led by Korean doctors, so we thanked them.
AesMed's CytoMesopecia is now a leading hair loss treatment in Korea, attracting interest from international doctors and buyers who want to adopt Korea's successful approach. Many become AesMed partners after learning from Korean hair loss treatment hospitals.

During the conference, Kim Hyung-suk, Director of Maxwell Plastic Surgery, shared insights on AGF39 products, focusing on successful procedures under the theme 'The Potential Role of Variable Growth Factors in Hair Follicle Cells.'

In particular, this conference was held as an international conference, and many foreign doctors participated, what is impressive is that some doctors from Japan recognized AGF39.

Looking forward, AesMed will continue to strive to become a product that brings happiness to many people worldwide by establishing AGF39's experience and treatment, which has been performed in Korea for 15 years, as a successful treatment method for hair loss clinics abroad.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and showed interest in our products.