Subject [Review] 2024.05.12 46th KALDAT Conference
Name Manager
Date 2024-05-30

AesMed participated in the 46th KALDAT Conference
(Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology, and Trichology)

We, AesMed, successfully conducted two significant lectures validating the efficacy of AGF39 at the 46th KALDAT symposium.
This underscores the recognition of AGF39 as a key treatment method in the hair loss therapy market.

Lecture 1. Synergistic Effects of HA and AGF39

The first lecture, sponsored by us, focused on the combined effects of Hyaluronic acid and AGF39.

Lecture 2. Hair loss treatment program using Sylfirm X
Another lecture, sponsored by an equipment company, announced the results of combining their equipment with hair loss treatment. They chose AGF39 Forte as a solution to use.

These lectures demonstrated the effectiveness of AGF39 and highlighted its recognition as one of the primary treatment methods in the hair loss treatment market.

(You can play the YouTube video by clicking on the picture.)