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Subject Combinable therapy system with AGF39? _Chapter 1
Date 2023-10-30
Q. Combinable therapy system with AGF39? – Chapter 1

The AGF39 Hair Care Program recommends an optimal approach to secure clear scientific and clinical validation regarding the effectiveness of hair loss treatments, ensuring rapid experiences and sustained results.
To achieve this, a synthetic combination therapy involving AGF39 may be suggested.

AGF39 regulates cell apoptotic cytokines secreted by DHT to normalize the hair growth mechanism. Therefore, the prescription of 5αR inhibitors such as finasteride and dutasteride is essential as it is a means to inhibit the production of DHT fundamentally.

When irradiated to the scalp, the powerful LED (Light Emitting Diode) delivers energy to cell tissues such as Mastercell, Neutropil, Macrophage, Fibroblast, Endotheli, Fibro-Myo Cell, and Keratinocyte without causing heat damage to the hair to promote wound healing and cell regeneration.

Electromagnetic field
Studies have shown that when a uniform pulsed electrostatic field of about 10,000 Hz with a small wavelength width and a slow vibration time is irradiated to the scalp, it promotes cell growth of hair follicles and hair papilla.
Electromagnetic field treatment can theoretically help treat hair loss, but further research is needed on the direct synergy effect with AGF39 products.