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Subject Why AGF39 Prescribes 6 Cytokines and 1 SOD Based?
Date 2023-07-25
Q. Why AGF39 Prescribes 6 Cytokines and 1 SOD Based?

There are two contentious issues here.
In other words, should I use a lot of cytokines or many kinds of cytokines?

Genetic engineering is very advanced, but the human body is so mysterious that there is still more we don't know about cytokines than we do.
Therefore, when prescribing cytokines, safety should be put first, and it should be careful to mix cytokines recklessly based on exaggerated thesis results.

So, how many are the safest?
There is no correct answer to this yet either.
If there is no negative interaction, the more diverse it will be, the better.
However, if clear safety is not guaranteed, it would be better to be lacking than excessive.

The reason for AGF39 adopting seven genetically recombinant proteins (6 cytokines + SOD) is not due to scientific data.
In Korea, many medical conferences are held, and AGF39's genetically recombinant protein unit is the most appropriate number selected by AesMed based on the clinical experience and opinions of doctors claimed at the conference.