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Subject Combinable therapy system with AGF39? _Chapter 2
Date 2023-11-07
Q. Combinable therapy system with AGF39? – Chapter 2

The AGF39 Hair Care Program recommends an optimal approach to secure clear scientific and clinical validation regarding the effectiveness of hair loss treatments, ensuring rapid experiences and sustained results.
To achieve this, a synthetic combination therapy involving AGF39 may be suggested.

Scalp care
Proper cleansing and scaling methods can make the scalp clean, enhancing the efficiency of delivery to the target point and improving the stability of the procedure.
Scalp massage equipment or manual services that promote vasodilation and microcirculation of the scalp help stimulate the activities of AGF39 cytokines.

Home care  
In the hospital's medication, there may be prescriptions such as ketoconazole, steroids, and ciclopirox, which, when used daily, could compromise the quality of the scalp. Scientific and professional shampoos and tonics, while protecting the scalp, can be vital in treating scalp conditions by offering steady but long-term aid to the treatment process.
For this purpose, the TricoClinTM shampoo and tonic are recommended, containing a flavonoid extract from plants rich in Procyanidin polyphenol and human-friendly components. TricoClinTM uses raw materials with EWG safety grades, excluding nine harmful ingredients such as chemical surfactants that could harm the body. Moreover, it's a cruelty-free product, not using animal-tested ingredients, and it minimizes raw materials that could pollute the environment, establishing itself as an environmentally friendly option.